CDL lawyer – Legal protection to drivers of trucks and traffic ticket management

16 November, 2021

Do you need a CDL lawyer? Here we tell you how they can help you, why not rush to pay traffic fines and also some firms specialized in legally representing USA truckers…

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If you break your state’s traffic laws, this could lead to expensive tickets and even the loss of your trucking job.

Besides CDL licenses are more difficult to obtain, CDL drivers handle more dangerous vehicles that could cause more damage than cars or others vehicles.

Among the most common traffic offenses are speeding tickets. But in the event of serious injury or death resulting from speeding or DUI / DWI, your job could be in jeopardy, and you could lose your CDL. Keep it in mind.

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How a CDL lawyer Can Help You?

In order to protect your commercial driver’s license and employment, get in touch with a CDL lawyer, the ideal professional and ally if you want to avoid stains in your work history.

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If a CDL driver has not a clean driving record, employers will not hire them. A CDL attorney knows and understand that a traffic ticket conviction could impact the commercial driver ability to obtain and maintain a job.

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A traffic infraction usually results in point against your CDL. Avoid that with a CDL lawyer.

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In the worst case, if you commit a felony it will result in disqualification from the CDL for life, having consequences on your future job search.

Basically, a lawyer specialized in commercial driver license could prevent your license from being suspended or revoked, besides preparing a solid defense for your particular situation in order to reclaim your license as soon as possible and dismissing infraction tickets.

If you commit OVI/DUI, speeding, exceeding weight violations or others kind of infractions, you will need a representation from a lawyer who knows the local laws and CDL issues, in order to mitigate the eventual consequences, such as loss of your CDL for certain time, loss of driving privileges, penalties, CDL suspensions, among others.

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CDL Tickets – Pay or not to pay?

With the help and professional advice of a CDL attorney, it is possible to successfully reduced or dismissed violations and tickets.

A good CDL lawyer team know how to eliminate CDL tickets. Contact them before proceeding to pay. In some cases, paying is an admission of guilt on your driving record, as well as points against on your CDL and even the possibility of losing your job.

Keep in mind that, beyond the US state, if you get a ticket and pay it, you are pleading guilty.

And that can end up costing you more financially, or mean the loss of your license, or worse, your source of employment.

Typical traffic violation cases

Some of the most common traffic violations, that a lawyer could face, include:

  • Driving without commercial driver license in possession
  • Speeding
  • DUI
  • Lane violations
  • Logbook violations
  • Running a red light
  • Getting involved in an accident
  • Railroad violations
  • Weight violations
  • Dismissing CDL tickets

Where can I find a CDL lawyer? – Specialized legal help in CDL licenses

To find CDL lawyers, we recommend you to access some USA legal platforms such as Simply type in the search engine the terms ‘CDL’ + ‘USA’ and you will get a list of lawyers specialized in problems related to CDL.

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If you received a traffic ticket or anything that will put points on your CDL, do not pay the ticket and contact with Interstate Trucker, a legal firm that specifically represent truckers and perfectly know about local CDL laws.

Another good option is ATLA, the American Truckers’ Legal Association, an experienced team of experts CDL attorneys.

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